Founded in 1990, the company started near Portland, Oregon with the invention of the 72' Akela camera crane, the world's tallest at the time. Before then, the motion picture industry was limited to cranes and jibs that could only go to 30 feet. Then came the Strada with an even greater reach to 87' and 100'. The winner of six Emmy Awards, the expertise of the Strada Cranes spans the world of film, television and video, including work on major motion pictures, network coverage of the Olympics and ESPN's X Games, marketing communication presentations and much more.

After enjoying great success with the cranes and capitalizing on the incredible experience the team gained worldwide, the company expanded to form Strada Productions. We provide script to screen creativity, production and post production services which includes conception, treatment development, scriptwriting, location production, video editing, motion graphics, special effects, original music and sound design. In-house we have full location production equipment including cameras, lighting and electrical, camera jibs, dollies, and our exclusive Strada Camera Cranes.

More recently, Strada Productions discovered a novel way to grab and hold the public's attention with a new concept in digital video signage and content - Captive Media Solutions. CMS is a dynamic motion-video digital signage medium incorporating 3 HD plasma screens, a specialized computer playback system, and creative content production. On display at airports, in real estate offices and other locations, CMS now has the potential of expanding its field of influence into a number of exciting new venues.

At Strada Productions our goal is to always deliver an extraordinary visual experience at an affordable price and establish long-term working relationships with our clients.